Frequently Asked Questions

Software Protection:

We distribute our software packed with a license and usage details. Every plugin build as well as every .wav file and/or samples delivered to customers are watermarked with data taken from the corresponding paypal transaction and owner info. All our copy protection methods are unintrusive and don't require extra resources from the user's system, nor 3rd party software for registration/activation.


Artist's posts published in our Instagram account, Facebook or any other social media, showcasing our products, are re-posts of their instagram content, this does not imply affiliation with our company or products unless explicitly stated.

Submission system:

You can "@" groovelab.fx on Instagram and depending on the context, content quality and other variables related to the business, we can re-post and promote your content in our feed/stories.

Due to the high and rising costs of research, development and infrastructure, we can't offer any promotion/endorsement deals/discounts in exchange for any goods or services.