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Big Bastard v1.0 - Amp Simulator

Inspired in a popular digital amp mostly used in djent.
Big & clear metal tone for Guitar, rich harmonic response and huge low end.
Standard and high quality internal oversampling modes.
+ V-Drive stomp and it's extreme version, X-Drive.
+ Cab simulator GroovyCab
+ Modern Metal & Slamming Pack collections (premium guitar cabinet IR's for hard rock/metal)

Fast engine for high quality live playing/recording, Mono/Stereo processing, High and Low gain channels available. Support for 10 internal presets and automation.

  • VST2
  • VST3
  • Win32
  • Win64
  • Win64bits

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When buying with Paypal, inform your purchase in an email to: [email protected] and you will receive a custom build and activation steps, making the custom build takes some time so a 24hs delay is expected. If you don't inform your purchase in 24hs, the download will be sent to your paypal address. Windows VST2/VST3 32 and 64bits support.

Demo Download

Download Big Bastard v1.0 Demo
Demo limitations:
  • Mono only processing (stereo disabled)
  • High Quality Oversampling Antialias disabled
  • X-Drive stomp disabled
  • Amp mode locked to MKII
  • Presets disabled
  • Automation disabled
  • Knobs snap to default increments
  • No cabinet IR loader (GroovyCab)
  • No cabinet IR's (no IR packs)
  • Render disabled
  • Random Nag Screen / Mute